Bump Cap

Applications that wear bump caps:

• Mechanics
• Airline workers
• In-home service employees
• Manufacturing & Assembly
• Food Processing

A bump cap has an impact resistant plastic shell with slight padding.  It looks similar to a hard had with a shorter bill.  It provides lightweight protection against impact to the head at work.

Who should wear a bump cap?

Anyone working in confined spaces like under sinks, tight crawl spaces, low ceilings or hanging hazards and at risk of hitting your head.  The bump cap is ideal for working in open construction areas where hard hats are not required.

Easyshield for Bump Cap


Each package contains 6 easyshields with adhesive strips attached.

Customer supplies their own bump cap

Easyshield is a protective face shield that protects your eyes, nose and mouth from droplets of water when somebody sneezes or coughs directly at you.

Introducing Easyshield face shield for a Bump Cap
This custom easyshield fits effortlessly onto bump caps used in the Food Processing and Automotive Industries.

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How To Apply Instructions (pdf)

Easyshield is the same material used in medical shields. It can be washed with soap and water or wiped down with disinfectant cloths and used again and again.

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