Non-medical protective device attached to baseball cap is ‘ideal’ for general public, construction and retail sectors, creator says.

Apri 8/20 by Chris Halliday Orangeville Banner

An Orangeville auto parts maker is changing over its lines to make face shields for the public and front-line workers in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chad Blough, owner of a private auto parts manufacturing facility on Centennial Road, recently shifted production and expects to be able to produce about 50,000 ‘Easyshield’ face guards on his converted line per week.

With opinion on whether people should wear some sort of facial covering while in public beginning to shift, Blough created the non-medical protective device for individuals, families, and companies looking to protect their staff.

“Easyshield was created out of necessity,” Blough said. “We saw first-hand the shortage of protection options and a vital need for everyone to have their own protection.”

The shield is attached directly to a baseball cap, making it easy to be utilized by the general population when grocery shopping or visiting other highly populated areas.

Blough said it is made from the same material as medical shields and protects the eyes, nose and mouth.

“While Easyshield is a non-medical protective device, it is easy to use as it adheres directly to your own baseball cap,” Blough said.

“The shield can be washed with soap and water or wiped with disinfected wipes. The protection is ideal for front-line retail staff, the construction industry, hospitality and the general population.”

Blough came up with the idea after first being asked to make medical face shields. After coming up with a prototype, it quickly became painfully obvious that the global supply of elastic and foam was too scarce.

“We then had to think outside the box,” said Easyshield spokesperson Sarah Aston. “What is the one thing most Canadian’s own? A baseball cap. Even if you don’t own one, someone in your family probably has five.”

By creating a shield to attach to a baseball cap, Aston said Blough is able to bring the product to market at a more reasonable price. A pack of three Easyshields are being sold online for $9.95 plus tax and shipping.

Aston said wearing an Easyshield will help people avoid touching their faces. Ideally, she said front-line workers in grocery stores, LCBO, The Beer Store, public transit, police, town of Orangeville and Dufferin County staff could wear them.

“We’re not guaranteeing that you will not get the flu or a cold but it certainly adds another layer of protection,” Aston said. “With 20 per cent of the population not displaying symptoms, we need as much protection as possible.”

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