Hard Hat

Hard hat applications include:

  • Construction and utility job sites
  • Oil and gas
  • Road work
  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • General site work
  • At-heights work

A hard hat is designed to protect the head from object generated impact. This would be from a falling object or an object propelled througth the air.   Most commomly used on jobsites for construction or utility work, this is a key piece of personal protective equipment.

Who should wear a hard hat?

Hard hats are generally mandated to protect workers in industries like manufacturing, construction, warehousing, and transportation.  Now you have an easyshield to fit on your hard hat.

Easyshield for Hard Hat


Each package contains 6 easyshields with adhesive strips attached.

Customer supplies their own hard hat

Introducing easyshield Face Shield for the Construction Industry.
This modified design fits easily onto a construction hard hat.

Easyshield face shield for a Hard Hat

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How To Apply Instructions (pdf)

Easyshield is the same material used in medical shields. It can be washed with soap and water or wiped down with disinfectant cloths and used again and again.

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