How Easyshield Can Help Us As We Start-Up the Economy and Practice the New Normal

Having been in lock-down since approximately mid March of this year, it is hard to envision how the Province of Ontario and the Country of Canada will co-ordinate a staggered start-up of businesses, schools and recreational activities. 

Not only is the Covid count continuing to rise, so too is the seasonal temperature and people are on the whole carefully biding their time until we get the green light to go outside and enjoy the nicer weather fully.  For some, that will mean working in their gardens, for others it will be opening their cottages and others still it will mean planning trips to Provincial parks.  While all of this sounds so tempting and lovely, there is still a deep anxiety about how do we do this and keep this virus at bay.

Businesses also are facing the rubix cube of logistical nightmares as contend with strategizing on how to bring the workforce back to work safely but in a relatively timely manner.

By now, most of the people  of Canada can recite the protocols set-out by Health Canada in their sleep; Firstly,  observe social distancing.  Maintain a minimum of 6’ distance from people not residing in your house at all times.  Two wash your hands frequently with soap and water for a minimum of 30 seconds.  Three, avoid touching your face.  The fourth recommendation, although very late to be adopted by Canada, has Teresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer on April 6th of this year, telling Canadians to “ Wear a face mask to help cut down the spread of the novel coronavirus when you are in situations where you can’t always maintain proper physical distance from others such as grocery shopping or riding public transit.”

The aim of this directive it to prevent transmission by people who are unknowingly infected with the virus.  In this speech, there was also a big emphasis on the general public not using medical grade masks for fear of depleting the fragile inventory of what was there for front line medical workers.

This is where Easyshield’s ingenious simple but effective design comes in.  Easyshield, face shields fit on an existing cloth baseball cap.  Therefore eliminating the need for added cost of designing a head piece.  These face shields are made from the same material as medical face shields but are not taking shields away from the medical front line because they are designed to go on baseball caps for the general public. 

Easyshield has also designed two other custom face shields to protect industry workers when they return to work.  There is the Easyshield for bump caps that are used in food processing, automotive manufacture and assembly, by Airline workers, Mechanics  and in-home service employees.  Easyshield has also designed a shield to fit on a hard hat and can help protect Construction and utility job site workers, Oil and Gas personnel, Road Work, Forestry, Mining, At-Heights Work and General Site Work,

  • When you wear a mask, your nose and mouth are protected. 
  • When you wear a shield, your eyes, nose and mouth are protected
  • You can sanitize a shield and use it again and again. 
  • Plus by using an Easyshield, the wearer is discouraged from touching their face.

When we have to go back into an office, a school or an assembly plant when the economy re-starts, we are going to need protection. 

There will be staggered start times, more people will work some of their week remotely and some with underlying health concerns will have to be extra vigilant.  By observing the previously stated protocols and wearing PPE, we will get the economy moving and people enjoying some increased form of social interaction.  Easyshield will also be there to add another layer of protection for the general public and industry worker alike.