Wall of Fame & Testimonials

We are thrilled to see people using EasyShield to protect themselves and others during the Covid 19 pandemic.   Our face shields have been used by TD bank, a homeless shelter for youth in  Toronto, PSW workers, FedEx drivers, and more.

 “Easy to drive, no obstacles in my vision sight. Most people appreciate me wearing a shield.”

protection for eyes, nose and mouth


Driver, FedEx

“When you place an order, you receive 6 easyshields so everyone in your family can have one!

 dog wearing face shield


Customer , Mono, ON

“We are told not to touch our face and I honestly thought I didn’t.  Until I started wearing an easyshield.  I couldn’t believe how many times I tried to touch my face.  It is genius that the easyshield fits on a baseball hat.  It does not hinder the use of any type of glasses.  I feel less exposed when people approach me to ask a question.  It’s comfortable to wear, most times I forget I’m wearing it”.

driver wearing EasyShield



“Works like a charm. Thank you!”

Face Shield customer Mono, ON

Alex M

Customer , Mono, ON

“I feel protected when I walk Harvey”

walking dog wearing face protection


Customer, Ontario

“My face shield worked very well.  However it should have a warning DO NOT EAT OR DRINK WHILE WEARING FACE SHIELD.  Mine is so nice now that I forgot I was wearing it and I had a drink of coffee.  It bounced off the shield and you can imagine the rest”.

Bus driver wearing face protection

Orangeville Transit Driver



I have just fitted a shield to one of my caps. It works beautifully and is pure genius in it’s simplicity and function.

Thank you to you and Chad for making this inventive idea available to the public for a very reasonable cost. Thanks should also go to the Orangeville Citizen for publishing the article about your idea in this week’s edition. I hope you receive wide support for your efforts.  Cheers …. Barry

easy shield fitted on baseball cap


Orangeville, ON


 “I Love my easyshield! I wore it to grocery shop today and could have sold a dozen walking through Costco!”

Sandra H wearing facemask in Costco

Sandra H.

Customer, Ontario

“The Shields just arrived. They are amazing. I used large bobby pins to hold them on so I could send a picture to my husband and not use the sticky part.  He has called me twice today to see if the mail arrived. My son just came home quick to pick his up. They’re awesome. Thank you your company is literally saving lives. “

Cheryl Easyshield customer

Cheryl R.

PSW, Amaranth, ON

Dr. Usha Knabe DVM


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